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Molly's Craft Book was a craft book focused on Molly McIntire.


Star-Spangled Handicrafts

  • Star Whirler
  • Patriotic Pinwheel
  • Star-Stamp Stationary

"V is for Victory"

  • Victory Garden in a Jar
  • V-Stitch Handkerchief
  • V-J Day Parachute

A Stitch in Time

  • Apple Potholder
  • Scottie Bookmark
  • Photo Holder

Rainy Day Fun

  • Soap Fish
  • Handshake Game
  • Corral Bookends

Odds and Ends

  • Leather-Topped Box
  • Scrap-Paper Jar
  • Button Collage

Molly's Craft Book and Kit


Molly's Craft Book and Kit included the book and supplies to create three items: V-J Day Parachute, Scottie Bookmark, and Scrap-Paper Jar.

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