Molly's Party Treats (without blowers).

Molly's Party Treats were introduced to Molly's Collection in 1987 and retired in 2011. They are associated with the book Happy Birthday, Molly!. Retail cost was $26.


Chocolate cake. Yellow and red frosting. "Happy Birthday" in yellow and "Molly" in red on top. White lace doily on red plate. Indentations for candles.


Ten "lit" candles: two yellow, two white, two green, two red, and two blue.


Four party poppers. Two red with pink tips and two green with yellow tips. Each popper has a saying inside.



Molly's Party Treats with the blowers.

Four polka-dotted blow-out noisemakers: two red, one green, and one blue. These were removed in 2006.


Two candy cups. Green and yellow with red, green, and yellow hearts on top.


Bright yellow plastic balloon. Attached yellow and red bow. Wire string. Comes with a rubber handle to place on the doll's hand. Wire balloon is to be inserted into the rubber handle.


Faux red geraniums attached to a terra cotta pot.


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