Molly's Winter Activities.

Molly's Winter Activities were introduced to Molly's Collection in 1991(?); they were revamped in 1997 and retired in 1999. The items are associated to the book Changes for Molly. The original set had a loose theme of winter activities; the second set was partially themed around Molly's illness. Retail cost was $22.

Miss Victory Costume

See Molly's Miss Victory Costume

When the set was revamped in 1997, the outfit was removed.

Paper Dolls


Molly's included paper dolls.

A set of paper dolls including two women and one man in Army uniform; has one more outfit for the man, a nurse outfit and casual dress for one woman, and a long dress and women's Army uniform for the other.


Toy kaleidoscope.



Victory Performance Poster

Poster advertising the Victory Performance (1997).


Pretend tissues (1997).

Ear Drops

Pretend ear drops (1997).

Alarm Clock

Working alarm clock (1997).

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