The Molly McIntire doll.

The Molly McIntire doll was released in 1986, along with Kirsten Larson and Samantha Parkington. They were American Girl's first three Historical Characters. Molly was retired along with Emily Bennett in 2013.

Molly was rereleased for BeForever in 2018, exclusively via Costco.

Molly Doll

  • Face Mold: Classic Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Light Brown, straight, bangs, comes styled in two pigtail braids.
  • Eyes: Gray

Meet Outfit

Classic Meet Outfit


The Molly doll with Meet Molly.

Molly's meet outfit is a 1940s style. Like Kit's outfit, it reflects the need for versatility in one's wardrobe during a time when money was tight and outfits had to have more use. As with much of Molly's clothing, it follows a red, white and blue theme.


Navy blue knit sweater. with a navy blue, red, and green argyle pattern knitted on the front.


Navy blue wool skirt.


White dickey collar with blue rickrack trim. This is in place of a full shirt under her sweater.


White ankle socks.


Black plastic Mary Jane slip-on shoes. Her shoes are identical to Samantha's and Nellie's.

Hair Ribbons

Molly's braids are tied off with red ribbons at the end.


Silver glasses with round frames. They have been changed twice. The first change in the late 1990s was to the arms - rather than curving down like real glasses, they became straight. The second change, in the mid 2000s, was to the shape of the frames: they are no longer perfectly circular. They come in a red soft slipcase with a white, elastic that can fit around her wrist.


White cotton bloomer style underwear. While authentically Molly would have had ties on the side to hold them up (rubber was being reserved for war materials), the elastic makes for ease in wearing.

BeForever Outfit








Meet Accessories

Classic Meet Accessories


Molly's Meet Accessories.


Navy wool beret.


Shiny red vinyl-like bag with a long cloth strap and a snap.

Embroidered Handkerchief

White cotton handkerchief, trimmed in red. Molly's name is monogrammed in red.

Steel Penny

Molly's coin is a replica 1943 steel penny; during the war, pennies were not made of copper due to shortages. Originally, this was an authentic coin.

Silver Locket and Photo

Silver heart-shaped locket on a matching chain with space for her dad's picture, which is included.

BeForever Meet Accessories





Dress Like Your Doll

MollySportySeparates girls

Sporty Separates.

The matching outfit was available and sold as the Sporty Separates; it was retired around 2000.

  • Blouse: $26
  • Skirt: $30
  • Sweater: $40
  • Locket: $20 (sold as Molly's Sterling Locket)
  • Beret: $10
  • Knee Socks: $8

Pre-Mattel, Mattel, White-Bodied Doll, and BeForever Differences

  • White bodied Molly dolls have a white muslin cloth body; both Mattel and Pre-Mattel Mollys have matching cloth bodies.
  • The eyes are more gray hued in a White Bodied Molly.


  • In the books, Molly is described as having brown eyes, but the doll was given grey eyes. The same thing happened with the Ruthie Smithens doll. No official reason was given for the discrepancy, though it can be assumed that this was to further differentiate Molly from Samantha at the start of the line, as both dolls share a similar hair color.