Molly and the Movie Star is part of the Short Stories collections featuring Molly McIntire.


Only in Molly and the Movie Star

Story Summary

Meet The Author

The author, Valerie Tripp, says how much she loved the movies as a child and how she can imagine Molly's excitement about meeting Melody Moore.

Looking Back: Movies in 1944

Discusses the movie industry during World War II. Topics covered:

  • The role movies played in cheering up children during the war
  • Amenities and services movie theaters provided, with chandeliers, plush carpeting, and ushers
  • Common movie theater snacks that were hard to obtain, such as candy and popcorn
  • Performances and contests before the main movie
  • Various genres of movies commonly screened for audiences, such as cartoons, westerns, serials, adventures, or science fiction
  • Wartime movies and propaganda screened in theaters
  • Newsreels updating the progress of the war during the intermission
  • Fan clubs and fan magazines, like Modern Screen, about movies and movie stars
  • Movie stars' roles in rallying support for the war effort, from selling War Bonds and providing encouragement to civilians

Activity: An Afternoon at the Movies

For An Afternoon at the Movies a list of movies is given that were very popular in the 1940s such as Cinderella, National Velvet, and Lassie Come Home. Also, the activity teaches you how to pop popcorn in a pot on the stove, like Molly did in the 1940s.


  1. It was reprinted again in the Sept/Oct 1996 issue.
  2. The portraits say that Molly is still nine, so it must be sometime before her birthday.

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