Mrs. Ford is a seamstress who owns the dress shop where Addy Walker and Ruth Walker live when they first arrive to Philadelphia.




Mrs. Ford is stern, but fair. She wishes to help colored people in freedom, but cannot abide laziness and lack of trustworthiness. She does praise good work, however, and considers Momma the best seamstress she has ever had.

In The Books

Addy Learns a Lesson

Addy's Surprise

When Mrs. Howell accuses Momma of doing a poor job on her daughter's Christmas dress, Mrs. Ford criticizes Mrs. Howell of ignoring her daughter's weight gain. Mrs. Ford gives Mrs. Howell a refund for the dress's commission only because she is displeased.

Changes for Addy

Addy Studies Freedom

Mrs. Ford and Momma are busy adding black ruffles to mourning clothing following President Lincoln's assassination.

Shadows on Society Hill

A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy

In the Play

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