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Music in My Heart: My Journey with Melody is a My Journey Book that focuses on Melody Ellison.


Only in Music in My Heart

Present Characters

  • Protagonist[2]:

Opening and Potential Plot Events

About Melody's Time


  1. In that book, Yvonna has a broken wrist, but departs before the end of the book. She is coming back from the Mississippi Summer Project at the start of the Journey Book.
  2. While not explicitly stated to be African-American, it is most likely she is or passes as such. Clues towards this include: her knowledge of gospel music in her church; her and her late grandmother's singing of "Lift Every Voice and Sing" (known as the Black American National Anthem); being mistaken for a member of a visiting youth choir (it is unlikely a dominantly white or other raced church would come to sing at a black church in the 60s); and the fact that during racial scenarios in the book she is not singled out whereas a white or other-raced child spending significant amounts of time with black people would have been controversial in the 1960s and been made note of.

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