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Mystery of the Dark Tower is the sixth History Mystery.


  • Bessie Coulter-The main character who is taken to Harlem, New York
  • Eddy-Bessie's little brother who has a stuttering problem, but good at imitations
  • Aunt Nellie-Bessie's young and vibrant aunt
  • Aunt Esther-Bessie's Stern aunt
  • Edward Coulter-Bessie's father who works to keep the family together
  • Martha Coulter-Bessie's mother who suffers from a sickness known as Tuberculosis
  • Lillian Moore-Bessie's Best Friend from the British West indies
  • Ms. "FLo"-A lady who is from the Caribbean islands and rumored to have voodoo powers
  • Grandma-Bessie's grandmother (mentioned only)

Chapter-by-Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Misery

Chapter Two: Hating Harlem

Chapter Three: Sounds in the Night

Chapter Four: Weary Blues

Chapter Five: Caught

Chapter Six: Half-Truths

Chapter Seven: Fixing Legs

Chapter Eight: The Conjure

Chapter Nine: Getting There

Chapter Ten: The Darkest Hour

Chapter Eleven: Family

A Peek Into the Past

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