Needlework Kit and Frame

The Needlework Kit and Frame (also known as Felicity's Needlework Kit and Frame) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2001. It is associated with Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Retail cost was $22.


Muslin sampler. Preprinted images of a bird, flower, and vines. Preprinted text reads "1775 Faithful Friends Forever Be."


Wooden needlework frame. Attached storage box to store the sampler, needle, threads, and thimbles.


Steel needle.


Six embroidery floss threads: blue, coral, light green, dark green, black, red.


One doll-sized thimble and one girl-sized thimble.


Wooden spool on a hidden, removable arm behind mounted needlework frame. The spool and wooden arm are both removable.

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