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Niña Doll.

The Niña Doll (also known as Josefina's Doll) was introduced to Josefina's Collection in 1997 and retired in 2012. It is associated with the book Josefina's Surprise. Retail cost was $15.


Cloth muslin doll. Embroidered eyes, eyebrows, and mouth. Black fine yarn hair braided and up in a bun, covered by non-removable lace mantilla. Small attached gold loop earrings. Non-removable dress in similar design to Josefina's Christmas Dress and Mantilla: yellow and brown striped dress with Regency-style sleeves. Black ribbon sash and bow at waist. White ruffled collar. Attached white petticoat. Removable white pantalettes.


  • The word "niña" means "little girl" in Spanish.

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