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Nicki's Dog-in-Training.

Nicki's Dog-in-Training is part of Nicki's Collection and, like her, was released and later retired in 2007. The retail cost was $24.


Sprocket, the dog in training. Black and white plush dog with brown accents above eyes and on his legs. Maroon collar with "S" tag and non-removable leash. Brown eyes.

Service-Dog Vest

Pale green service dog vest with elastic strap and pockets. "Service Dog" on side.

Training Log

White notebook with "Dog Log" and paw prints on cover. Ruled paper.

Scoop Sacks

Two blue scoop sacks with "Puppy Clean Up Pouch" on side.

Box of Treats

Sealed green box with "Training Treats" on side. Picture of a dog bone printed on it.

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