Nicki's Ski Gear.

Nicki's Ski Gear is part of Nicki's Collection and, like her, was released and later retired in 2007. It was completed with Nicki's Ski Wear. Retail cost was $32.


Silver boots with orange toe, sides, and straps. Purple stripe on straps. Hook-and-loop straps.


Yellow, orange, and white graphic skis with purple, gray, and pink bindings.

Ski Poles

Two purple ski poles with orange tips and handles.


Orange goggles with purple strap. Full American Girl Logo on strap.


Silver helmet with orange and purple patches. Purple sides and orange straps.


Three flags with purple poles and stands. Each flag has white text on it. Green triangle flag has "Start." Yellow rectangle flag has skiing symbol and American Girl logo at top. Orange triangle flag has "Finish."


Decorative stickers. Six snowflake stickers: one orange, one green, two light purple, and two dark purple. One orange star and one green heart sticker. Four large stickers with skiing on them.

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