Nicki's Ski Wear.

Nicki's Ski Wear is part of Nicki's Collection and, like her, was released and later retired in 2007. It was associated with Nicki's Ski Gear. Retail cost was $28.


Red funnel neck sweater with orange embroidery on collar and cuffs.


White nylon ski pants with orange graphic on left leg. Two thick stripes on outer side of pants leg. Two curving, thin orange stripes on inner side of pant legs.


Nylon brown mittens and thumb with thin white stripe and orange fingers. Pink American Girl Logo on fingers.


Sweater-knit slipper socks. Gray, orange, and red striped.


Brown nylon vest with fuax-fur hood. Orange and clear reflective patch on right chest. Orange buttons with orange inner lining.


Blue lift ticket with metal clasp. Ticket on white line and hangs inside jacket pocket.

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