Addy's Nightgown.

Nightclothes are sleepwear for the Historical and BeForever Characters. Prior to the BeForever launch, they were generally seen in illustrations of the Central Series, Short Stories, and Best Friend books.[1] When most matching outfits were discontinued, these remained and were released for all characters.

Kaya does not have a specific nightwear outfit; when BeForever nightwear sets were released, she received the Pow-Wow Dress of Today III to model matching nightclothes on.

List of Nightclothes

Items in italic are retired.

Historical/BeForever Characters

Best Friend Characters

Prior to retirement, the Best Friend Characters had nightclothes which were generally associated with the movies, Ivy Ling is the exception.


  1. Kit and Molly were the exceptions as Kit's Striped Nightie was associated with her movie and Molly's Floral Pajamas do not have any canonical basis to either her books or movie.

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