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No Ordinary Sound: A Melody Classic Volume 1 is the first volume of Melody's series. It is included with the Melody doll and is also available as a separate purchase.



Only in No Ordinary Sound

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Meet the Ellisons

Chapter Two: Table Talk

Chapter Three: Let Your Light Shine

Chapter Four: Another Home

Chapter Five: Dances and Dollars

Chapter Six: Mother's Day Surprises

Chapter Seven: A Family Reunion

Chapter Eight: Signs and Songs

Chapter Nine: The Power Inside

Chapter Ten: What Feels Right

Chapter Eleven: The Walk to Freedom

Chapter Twelve: Fireworks

Chapter Thirteen: Practice

Chapter Fourteen: Never Give Up

Chapter Fifteen: One Sunday

Chapter Sixteen: Scary Stuff

Chapter Seventeen: Whispers

Chapter Eighteen: Voices Lifted

Inside Melody's World

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