Océane Rousseau is the aunt of Marie-Grace Gardner and wife of Luc Rousseau.




Océane Michel is a French opera singer and voice teacher. She is described as having fair skin, brown hair, and blue-green eyes similar to the color of the ocean.

Océane is regarded as a kind and nice woman who is patient and understanding with her students; Cécile is considered to be one of her favorites. Océane can also see and is willing to teach students who have potential, such as Marie-Grace.

In The Books

Meet Marie-Grace

Meet Cécile

Marie-Grace and the Orphans

Troubles for Cécile

While not seen in the book, Marie-Grace mentions to Cécile about Océane having become ill with yellow fever during the special prayer for victims of the yellow fever epidemic.

Marie-Grace Makes a Difference

Océane is ill with the yellow fever, and is in the Globe Ballroom, having been converted into a temporary hospital.  Marie-Grace goes to visit her, and sings for her. Later she marries Luc Rousseau.

Cécile's Gift

Océane is one of the performers for the benefit, she sings a duet with Marie-Grace before Cécile's poetry recitation.

Océane is later seen at the Reys' house, along with members of the Gardner family, as dinner guests following the benefit, discussing music with Octavia Tay.

The Haunted Opera


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