Octavia Tay is the aunt of Cécile Rey; Cécile refers to her as "Tante Octavia" or "Tante Tay".


  • Name: Octavia Tay (maiden name unknown)
  • First Appearance: Meet Cécile



Octavia is more gentle than Aurélia. She shares the same narrow nose shape, but has darker skin than her sister.

Her husband, Henry, died in an accident at the shipyard in Philadelphia where the Tays lived. Soon after, she and her son René moved back to New Orleans and in with her sister and her family.

In the Books

Meet Cécile

Troubles for Cécile

Cécile's Gift

The Cameo Necklace

Octavia is not actually seen in the book, it is mentioned she has gone to visit her in-laws in Philadelphia.

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