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Our New Baby was the predecessor to Bitty Baby.


Our New Baby was released in 1990 and available in Caucasian (with blond hair), African-American, and Asian-American. The dolls were marketed as a way to get children to adjust to having a young baby in the house. The dolls were gender neutral, unlike the later Bitty Baby; it was expected that the doll could be a younger boy or girl.

Each doll came with a book titled Our New Baby, a pop-up activity book with a baby that matched the doll it was sold with.


Each Our New Baby Doll came dressed in a white cotton sleeper with a small pink and blue heart print. The sleeper was trimmed at the neck with lace and closed in front with a zipper. The baby also came with a matching undershirt and cloth diaper.

Clothing and Accessories

As Our New Baby was marketed as being a baby that could be either gender, clothing choices for the dolls reflected this. Each outfit was available in both "boy" and "girl" styles.

Clothing: These came in "boy" and "girl" versions:

These only came in one style which was gender neutral:


Little Bunny

A small stuffed toy bunny called Little Bunny was available as a separate purchase for Our New Baby. This was possibly the precursor to Bitty Bear; however, Little Bunny was not a character in its own right and was much more of a toy.

Children's Clothing

Children's clothing to match Our New Baby's clothing was released for both children and young infants.

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