Plantation Play Set

The Plantation Play was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and later retired. It is associated with Felicity Saves the Day. Retail cost was $22.

Bird Bottle

Bird bottle is made of terra cotta pottery with a stick perch. Glazed except for back.


Small white bird with golden-brown wings on either side. Has a plastic tube as the feet to slide on the stick perch of the bird bottle.

Reed and Shell

Shell and reed for blowing bubbles. Card is included, with directions on how to make bubbles.


Light wood racket with string woven through. Dark green handle. Originally two battledores were included, in 1998 only one battledore was included.


Ball of cork with white feathers stuck into it.


Working wooden whistle. Attached leather cord.


Cloth note. Unfinished edges.

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