Rebecca's Sabbath Set

Rebecca's Sabbath Set was introduced to Rebecca's Collection in 2009 and retired in 2013. The set was used regularly by Rebecca's family every Sabbath. Retail price was $68.


Golden metal samovar (tea pot). Plastic crank, two black plastic handles and removable metal lid.


Golden metal tea tray to hold Samovar and glasses.

Tea Canister

Orange cardboard tea box with "Ceylon Tea".

Ceramic Teapot

White ceramic teapot. Golden handle, spout, and lid knob.


Clear glasses with molded flower design.

Challah Bread

Braided challah loaf with molded seeds. While marketed as "hallah", this is an improper spelling.


White doily to rest the challah loaf on. Scalloped border.


Pretend twist white candles


Blue translucent plastic candlesticks.

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