Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit as seen on Just Like You 3 with accessories.

The Red Vinyl Jumper Outfit was the third meet outfit in the American Girl of Today line. It replaced the First Day Outfit in 1998 and was replaced by the Urban Outfit in 2000.


The outfit was available separately for $22.


Red vinyl jumper with snap straps and 2 functional zippered pockets.


Black long-sleeved ribbed-knit mock turtleneck sweater. Velcro in back.


Red, black, and green argyle tights


Black Doc Marten-style boots.


Plaid scrunchie.


White and black polka dot underpants.

Grin Pins

Doll came with 10 mini Grin Pins on a card attached to the doll's wrist by an elastic thread.




The accessories were available for purchase separately for $20 or bundled with the doll for a discounted price.


Black beret. Black, green, and red plaid bow and trim.


Necklace with tiny notebook pendant.


Silver metal lunchbox-style purse with inside pockets.


Three miniature $1 notes


Miniature magazine of the March/April 1994 edition of American Girl Magazine.

Library Card

Yellow paper library card. Text:

Pleasantville Public Library
Name: ______________________
Present this card each time you borrow materials.
100 First Street
Pleasantville, USA

Carried from Mix and Match Accessories.

Lunch Tickets

Blue paper school lunch tickets.

Mini Grin Pins

Ten mini Grin Pins.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girls' matching outfit was available.

  • Jumper: $??
  • Sweater: $??
  • Tights: $??
  • Beret: $10
  • Necklace: $??
Meet Outfits for American Girl of Today, Just Like You, My American Girl, and Truly Me Dolls
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2018: Truly Me Boy's Outfit

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