Reversible Robe Outfit, plain side, as seen on Just Like You 16.

The Reversible Robe Outfit was a Just Like You outfit released in 2006 and retired in 2008. Retail cost was $24.



Reversible Robe Outfit, print side, as seen on Just Like You 21.

Reversible long sleeved knee-length terrycloth robe. One side is white floral print; other is plain orchid. Two pockets on front of print side. Orchid trim at sleeves, hem, pockets, and opening. Removable orchid sash.


Purple terry turban. Elastic loop at back to hold turban closed.


Purple terry slippers. White terry trim. Clear elastic band to hold to foot.

"Polish" Stickers


Polish stickers

Four sheets of nail polish stickers; Blue, purple, lavender, and red. Intended to go on doll's toes to simulate nail polish.


Stories You'll Love: Two short stories from the winners of a contest by American Girl Magazine.

Dress Like Your Doll

The girls' outfit was available:

  • Robe: $44
  • Slippers: $19
ReversibleRobe girls


RR TerrySlippers girls


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