Saige is the first book about Saige Copeland. It was included with the doll when she was available; it is now available separately.


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Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Ten Thousand Hours

Saige is walking her dog Sam when her mom calls her for the first day of school. She gets ready. Then, her mom asks her if she's excited for fourth grade. Saige responds that she can't wait to see Tessa and have art class, her favorite. When she arrives at school, Saige wonders when the paintings will be up. Tessa says that there is going to be no art this year. Saige is sad. Then, a new girl says that she had no art last year. The new girl says her name is Gabi, and then Saige and Tessa introduce themselves and they head to class. Tessa spots her friend, Dylan, and said ,"I got us a table!" Saige wonders when Tessa and Dylan became us.

Chapter Two: A Dose of Horse

Saige arrives at Mimi's house. Mimi says what she usually says when Saige comes, but then Saige disagrees and tells her grandmother that she has no art that year. Then Saige comes into Mimi's studio. Then, they start to work on their paintings, and then Mimi tells Saige that she could do something about it. Mimi's Oli Painters Society was planning a fiesta to raise money for art in local schools. Mimi suggests that Saige and Mimi's horse, Piccaso, could lead the parade at the beginning of the fiesta. Saige is nervous, but agrees.

Chapter Three: Singing Off-Key

Chapter Four: Letter to the PTA

Chapter Five: World Upside Down

Chapter Six: A Good-Luck Charm

Chapter Seven: Click, Treat

Chapter Eight: Professor Picasso

Chapter Nine: Painter's Block

Chapter Ten: The Fiesta

Real Girl, Real Story

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