Salon Station.

The Salon Station is a Just Like You furniture and accessory set released in 2009 and retired in 2012. Retail cost was $85.

Spa Table

Spa table. White with lavender, silver, and blue accents. Curved mirror. Manicure stand at side (blue top and white main base). Three opening drawers. Three shelves.


Four legged stool. Blue dot-raised iridescent seat with lavender trim and silver base.

Polish Bottles


Salon Accessories.

Five nail polish bottles. "Petite Polish" on front labels. Lavender caps. Colors are:

  • Ivy (green)
  • Bloom (magenta)
  • PurpleBerry (lavender)
  • Fresh Berry (red)
  • Tangelo (orange)

Nail Polish Stickers

Five sets of ten nail polish stickers to simulate nail polish. Each matches the nail polish bottles: green, magenta, lavender, red, and orange.

Nail Files

Three flower shaped non functional nail files: blue, orange, and pink.

Nail Clipper

Non-functional nail clipper. Pink trim.

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