Samantha's Bridesmaid Dress.

Samantha's Bridesmaid Dress was introduced to Samantha's Collection in 2004 and retired in 2008. It is associated with the movie Samantha: An American Girl Holiday. The outfit was complemented with Samantha's Bridesmaid Accessories. Retail cost was $26.


Lilac colored ankle length satin-polyester dress. Wrist length sleeves. Ruffles at hem. White attached underskirt. White lace trim at front, collar, and underskirt. Velcros up the back.


White open-weave hat with a pink "rose", lavender ribbon, and white lace veil.


Pink "rose" bouquet with white lace. Has elastic so Samantha can "hold" the bouquet.


  • This is not the outfit Samantha wears in the original publication of Samantha Saves the Wedding and is not very much associated to it; in there she is wearing a pink dress. This is also not a Short Story outfit.

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