Santa Fe Summer Fun Set

The Santa Fe Summer Fun Set was introduced to Josefina's Collection in 1998; it was retired in 2002. Each item was in some form or another integral to the story Josefina Saves The Day.

Bird Whistle


Comparison of whistles.

"Clay" bird whistle on a black cord. This was later released in another form with Josefina's Herb-Gathering Outfit. The bird whistle differs between the two sets: the whistle from the Santa Fe Summer Fun set is larger, more orange, and functional. The herb-gathering outfit whistle is more yellow, smaller, and nonfunctional.


Pretend tortoise.

Mexican flag

The Mexican Flag as displayed in 1824, the Second National flag.

American Flag

The American Flag as displayed in 1824; the flag had twenty-four stars and thirteen stripes (the most recent state that had been added was Missouri in 1822).


A silver molded hand mirror.



Comparison of telescopes.

A gold telescope with brown leather trim. The telescope is fully functional and comes in a purple drawstring bag. Following the retirement of the Santa Fe Fun set in 2002 the telescope was revised and sold separately for $10 until it was retired in 2007. The original telescope extended further and had different stitching along the side. The purple drawstring bag was not revised.

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