Sarah Moore is the first and best friend of Addy Walker. A Best Friend doll of her has not been produced, and it is unknown whether one ever will be.

Basic Facts

Personality and Facts

Sarah is described as being the same color as Addy, with very short hair like a boy's. It is unsaid why Sarah's hair is short; it is likely that her hair is more kinky than Addy's and thus kept clipped short for ease. It could also be possible to make working in a hot, stuffy environment easier, as often working class women kept their hair short. Sarah and her mom are laundresses.

Sarah is very kind and friendly to Addy, making quick friends with her as soon as they meet. She is also very patient and was a good teacher to Addy when she first arrived in Philadelphia. Mrs. Ford finds Sarah to be loud and lively as she missed her presence in Changes for Addy. She is a little more cynical than Addy is, probably due to the fact her family has been in Philadelphia longer and so Sarah has learned the lessons Addy is still learning. Sarah is quite self-conscious, and does not think highly of herself. She is poorer than Addy is, and by the end of the series is forced to drop out of school at the age of ten to help her mother, a washerwoman, earn enough money to make ends meet.

Family and Friends

In The Books

Addy Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Addy's Surprise: A Christmas Story

Happy Birthday, Addy!: A Springtime Story

Addy Saves The Day: A Summer Story

Changes for Addy: A Winter Story

Addy Studies Freedom

Addy's Wedding Quilt

Addy's Little Brother

A New Beginning: My Journey with Addy

In The Play

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