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The School Lunch was an American Girl of Today accessory released in 1996 and retired in 1999. Retail cost was $16.

Lunch Tray

Plastic white school lunch tray. Divided sections for plastic wear and food: long rectangular, top row with three square


Triangular slice of pepperoni pizza; has five slices of pepperoni, cheese, visible sauce, and red and green spices.


Clumped green garden salad; base of lettuce leaves with colored carrot slices and tomato slice.


Yellow banana half. Brown at one end; center is white with visible seeds.

Milk Carton

Paper red and white milk carton. Printed cow with pearls image and text: Pleasant Farms Vitamin A & D 2% Milk, 1/2 pint (200ml) and realistic ingredients and opening instructions. Base states 1996 copyright.


Molded peanut butter cookie with pressed criss cross lines.


White paper disposable napkin.


A paper straw.


Plastic white spork.


Clear plastic holder; allows doll to realistically hold tray in hands.

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