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School Lunch Set.

The School Lunch Set is a Just Like You accessory set released in 2009 and retired in 2013. Retail cost was $28.

Lunch Bag

Pink zippered lunch bag. Dark pink zipper and handle. Flap has American Girl logo star.


Croissant sandwich with lettuce, spread, and tomato.


Applesauce container; white lid with sticker ("Applesauce" on apple half) and yellow container.

Raisin Box

Orange raisin box. "Raisins" over sunburst.

Allergy Stickers


Allergy Stickers.

Sheet of four allergy stickers:

  • "NO peanuts!" (light blue, white box text)
  • "I can't eat wheat." (yellow-green, dark green print script)
  • "No soy for me. I'm allergic." (White and lavender with red and green text)
  • "Wait! I'm allergic to dairy." (light green with red and cream text)


"Love Your Lunch": Pamphlet on making different, healthy sandwiches.

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