School Suit and Blouse.

The School Suit and Blouse (also known as Addy's School Suit and Blouse) was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1993 and was retired in 2006. The outfit is associated to the story Addy Learns a Lesson. Retail cost was $22.


White high necked long-sleeve blouse with puffy dropped sleeves. Decorative lace on sleeve cuffs and collar, decorative tucks at front, and bow at collar. Velcros up the back and at wrists.


Blue wool calf length skirt with lining at waist band and waist tucks. Black flat trim at waistband and hem. Velcros up the back waist.


Cropped blue wool jacket with black flat trim. Different linings at back and sleeves to mimic that Momma used different linings to line the jacket. The sleeves of the blouse are intended to peek out past the hem of the jacket sleeves.


Small bronze medal with functional pin. Has the text "Millions for Freedom, not one cent for slavery" and "1863" on the front of the coin. The statement is a real quote from U.S. Congressman Martin F. Conway on December 5, 1861, and was a running slogan of the Republican Party.

Dress Like Your Doll

AddySchoolSuit girls

School Suit for girls.

The matching outfit was available as the School Suit; it was phased out around 2000.

  • Blouse: $30
  • Suit: $80


  • The outfit is based on a popular fashion of the time, the Garibaldi blouse and Zouave suit.
  • This outfit was shown under Addy's Winter Coat in catalogs and on the website until its retirement, when it was replaced with Addy's Tartan Plaid Dress.

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