Kit's Book Bag and Supplies.

School Supplies are school books and equipment for each of the Historical Characters' School Collections.

Originally each accessory set consisted of a method to carry the school supplies such as a tote [1], writing utensils, a writing book and a reading item. All of the reading books are based on actual books, most of which are now in public domain and viewable online. [2] Additional supplies varied.

Kaya does not have school supplies as her culture did not have the same type of schooling. Julie's school supplies focuses on her playing basketball with no textbooks or such supplies, and are included in the Hoops Outfit and Accessories.

Most sets are now retired.

List of sets

References and Footnotes

  1. Felicity's and Josefina's do not have a tote as their education was focused on home schooling.
  2. For information purposes, these have been linked on each article where found from the Internet Archive.
  3. This set also includes her school lunch.

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