Secrets at Camp Nokomis is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Rebecca's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: All Aboard

Chapter Two: Windigos in the Woods

Chapter Three: Pranks and Chores

Chapter Four: Making a Splash

Chapter Five: The Trunk

Chapter Six: Hunting for Chokes

Chapter Seven: Message From Home

Chapter Eight: A Slimy Trick

Chapter Nine: A Private Picnic

Chapter Ten: Canoeing and Confidences

Chapter Eleven: A Sudden Storm

Chapter Twelve: A Grave Threat

Chapter Thirteen: Inside the Cave

Chapter Fourteen: Tina's Secret

Chapter Fifteen: A Flickering Wish

Looking Back

Discusses summer camp and the polio outbreak in New York in the summer of 1916. Topics include:

  • Organizations that helped kids in the city go to summer camp
  • Activities and life in camp
  • The symptoms of polio and its effects
  • What New York did to stop the outbreak of Polio
  • Life for Polio survivors