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Silver eye

Silver eye developing in the right eye (viewer's left) of a Kirsten doll.

Silver Eye is a defect in the eye of American Girl dolls where the inner eye decal begins to detach from the eye. The eye begins to take on a silver look from the detachment. This generally happens with specific eye types, primarily the "pinwheel" decaled eyes.

The primary cause of silver eyes is heat exposure, such as with a blow dryer or too much sun exposure; the secondary cause is liquid exposure to eyes. This mostly manifests in older dolls, due to their age and thus greater chances of and longer time for exposure. This generally starts to appear in one eye before the other and it is quite possible for only one eye to be affected.

American Girl considers silver eye a manufacturing defect and will fix it at no cost through the American Girl Hospital; however, new eyes with hard lashes will be used. If a person has a PM Doll, they may try an eye swap with a matching PM Doll to maintain the softer lashes.

Some dolls (but not all) that can get silver eye:

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