Simplicity (full name Simplicity Pattern Company) is a manufacturer of home/personal sewing patterns that was created in 1927. They currently distribute the "Simplicity," "It's So Easy" and "New Look" brands of patterns.

In relation to American Girl, they distribute two major lines of craft items. First is American Girl Crafts kits through multiple craft stores and outlets; these include stickers, organizational supplies, journals, and crafts for dolls as well as children.

Starting in 2015, American Girl started to release officially licensed doll clothes patterns.[1] Designed for modern looks and listed as "Crafts", these offer mix-and-match components or fancy wear. Starting with pattern #8280, some styles have children's sized patterns to accompany the look in sizes 3-8[2]; starting with #8400, this sometimes includes both child- and doll-sized patterns together.

All patterns (including child patterns) have the following disclaimer:

"American Girl Doll not included. Dyes from fabrics and other supplies may bleed onto your doll or her clothes and leave permanent stains. The use of light colored fabrics and materials will help to reduce the risk. American Girl and Simplicity are not responsible for any damage caused by the use of craft supplies for doll apparel."

American Girl Simplicity Patterns

Patterns, historically, reuse numbers and designations and sometimes use different numbers for the same pattern. For the purposes of documentation, they are being listed as "American Girl Pattern ####" as documented on the Simplicity website. Child-sized patterns will be documented on their doll-clothes pattern page if separately offered.

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  1. Since the initially popularity of 18" playline dolls in the mid-90s, many pattern companies have and continue to release designed patterns under Simplicity and Butterick/McCall/Vogue/KwikSew (which, along with Simplicity, is the other major distributor of home sewing patterns). To prevent overload of other pattern styles and/or licenses, this article and wiki will only discuss American Girl branded patterns.
  2. Sewing pattern sizes do not 1:1 correlate to rack sizes and should be individually sized to children.