Singing Bird is the Best Friend of Kirsten Larson, as indicated by the Magnetic Mini Worlds and paper dolls. A doll of her has not been produced, and with the end of the Best Friends line, it is doubtful that one ever will be.


Singing Bird is in awe of Kirsten. She is specifically fascinated with Kirsten's "yellow hair," and the name sticks. Singing Bird is a Sioux and is daughter to the chief Brave Elk. She liked to exchange gifts with Kirsten, and even brought her to her village. But Singing Bird had to move away because there wasn't enough food since the new settlers came. Singing Bird is quiet, often surprising Kirsten with how swiftly she moves. She loves to explore as much as Kirsten does. She learned some English from Kirsten, and taught Kirsten some words from her language.

In the Books

Kirsten Learns a Lesson: A School Story

Kirsten on the Trail

In Other Media

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