Slate Bag and Supplies

The Slate Bag and Supplies were introduced to Kirsten's Collection in 1986 and retired in 2007(?). They are associated with the book Kirsten Learns a Lesson. Retail cost was $18.


Black slate with a wooden border.


White chalk pencil. Works on the slate.


Muslin cloth with frayed edges. For wiping writing off of slate.


Wooden ruler. Not to scale.


Brown print drawstring bag. Front pocket for slate and books.


Abbreviated copy of the school-book The Child's First Reader [1] (1852 version) by Salem Town (Portland, Me., Sanborn & Carter)

Rewards of Merit

Six "Reward of Merit" cards with images:

  • Western red-shouldered hawk
  • Green creeper (bird)
  • Girl bundled in winter coat
  • Boy up tree chased by dog
  • Two zebra
  • Girl with apron under plants.

All are signed to Kirsten Larson from Miss Winston.


  1. The link is actually the Second Reader, but can give an idea of the layout of the first book.

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