Songbird and Sweets.

The Songbird and Sweets (also known as Addy's Songbird and Sweets) was introduced to Addy's Collection in 1994 and retired in 2009. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Addy! Retail cost was originally $16 and later increased to $18.

Canary and Cage

Black metal caged with working door. Yellow foam and feather canary, Sunny, glued to wooden perch.

Candy Tin

Black metal candy tin with blue flowers and green leaves. Silver lining.


Pretend benne candy. In 2007, the separate candies were clumped into one piece.


Note from M'dear with text: Happy Birthday Addy From your friend M'dear April 9, 1865. Comes inside the tin.


Yellow ribbon; comes wrapped around the tin.


  • Sunny does not belong to Addy, though he is marketed as part of Addy's Collection; he is M'dear's pet.

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