Spring Gown with Pinner Apron and Pompon.

The Spring Gown with Pinner Apron and Pompon (also known as Felicity's Spring Gown) was introduced to Felicity's Collection in 1992 and retired in 2009. It is associated with the book Happy Birthday, Felicity!. Retail cost was $24.


Pink ankle length dress. Elbow length sleeves with gathers. White gathered trim at neckline and sleeves. Ribbon flowers at elbows. Velcros up the back. Slits in skirt for Felicity's pocket.


FelicitySpringGown girls

Spring Gown and Pinner for girls.

Flower print pinner apron. Ties in back.

Ribbon and Pompon

Bundle of faux flowers tied to a pink ribbon. Tied around Felicity's head.


Pale green stockings with daisy embroidery.


Four small straight pins and two safety pins. These come with a card explaining pinner aprons and how to pin the top of the apron to the dress.

Dress Like Your Doll

The matching outfit was available as the Spring Gown and Pinner for $98; it was phased out around 2000.

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