SamanthaStoryCollection II

Samantha's Story Collection II.

Story Collections were compilations of a Historical Character's Central Series prior to BeForever remarketing.

The first Story Collection release came in a vellum dust jacket, gilded-edge pages, and a gold ribbon bookmark. Miniature paper dolls were included in some versions.[1]

The second Story Collection release came in a basic hardcover volume with die-cut windows offering peeks of internal illustrations. Julie and Rebecca's story collections were only available in this style. In Story Collections, only the Looking Back from the "Changes For America" section is included.

Cécile and Marie-Grace did not have a Story Collection for their Central Series, nor did Caroline. The launch of BeForever reformatted the books into two-book volumes, so it is extremely unlikely any other characters will receive or need Story Collections. All of these books are now retired.

List of Individual Historical Characters Story Collections


Felicity Merriman

Josefina Montoya

Kirsten Larson

Addy Walker

Samantha Parkington

Rebecca Rubin

Kit Kittredge

Molly McIntire

Julie Albright

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References and Footnotes

  1. Samantha's Story Collection I's initial release included a sneak preview of Nellie's Promise as well a set of eight trading cards relating to Samantha's movie.

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