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"Suzanne", "Suzie", and "Z" redirect here. For the doll, see Z Yang (doll).

Z Yang is one of the first releases of the Contemporary Characters line. She was released in 2017. Z was originally designed for the Z.Crew line and first appeared in those videos online.

Personality and Facts

Z is Korean-American[2] and from Seattle, Washington.[3]

Family and Friends

Friends and Other Characters

Books and Media

See: List of Z's Books


Main article: Z Yang (doll)
  • Face Mold: Jess Mold
  • Skin: Light
  • Hair: Black-Brown
  • Eyes: Brown


See: Z's Collection


  • Z was originally an online-only character as part of the Z.Crew videos, played by Just Like You 40.

See also


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Contemporary Characters

Tenney Grant
with companion
Logan Everett


Z Yang

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