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Taking Off: A Maryellen Classic Volume 2 is the second volume of Maryellen's series.


Only in Taking Off

Chapter by Chapter Summary

Chapters One-Five can be seen as the equivalent of "Book Four."

Chapter One: Bridesmaids, Birthdays and Brainstorms

Chapter Two: Rock Around the Clock

Chapter Three: Show Biz

Chapter Four: Who Do We Appreciate?

Chapter Five: The Parade

Chapters Six-Nine can be seen as the equivalent of "Book Five."

Chapter Six: A Star

Chapter Seven: Flabbergasted

Chapter Eight: Songs of the Open Road

Chapter Nine: Disaster!

Chapters Ten-Fourteen can be seen as the equivalent of "Book Six."

Chapter Ten: Groups

Chapter Eleven: Get To It!

Chapter Twelve: Maryellen Takes Off

Chapter Thirteen: The Flying Friends

Chapter Fourteen: The Most Important Thing

Inside Maryellen's World

Discusses the scientific and social changes of the 1950s. Topics covered:

  • The symptoms of polio and the treatment of patients at isolation wards, and the celebratory relief after the polio vaccine was announced to be safe and effective.
  • The fear some parents had over the polio vaccines, prompting doctors and health organizations to work promoting the vaccine, with great success.
  • Vanguard 1, a small solar-powered satellite launched by the U.S. government at Cape Canaveral, Florida in 1958 - today it's the oldest man-made satellite still orbiting the earth.
  • The rising popularity of road trips, as more American had cars and paid vacations, and the popular TV shows that made families want to explore the Wild West.
  • Prejudices African Americans faced in the South, where they were segregated from whites and traveling wad different since most restaurants and hotels refused to serve them.
  • Black children having to attend schools with inadequate conditions, despite the schools supposedly being "separate but equal".
  • Brown vs Board of Education, a case that started after Linda Brown of Topeka, Kansas was barred from enrolling in her neighborhood's school and instead sent to a black school farther away.
  • The case leading the Supreme Court to rule segregation as being harmful and unconstitutional - the decision becoming a landmark for the civil rights movement.

Items Associated with Taking Off

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