Tenney: A Song for the Season is the fourth book about Tenney Grant.


See Also: Minor Characters in Tenney's Stories

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Hitting a High Note

Chapter Two: Super Amazing

Chapter Three: All in the Details

Chapter Four: A Time of Giving

Chapter Five: Ready to Go

Chapter Six: Setting the Tone

Chapter Seven: The Sound of Silence

Chapter Eight: On the Road

Chapter Nine: Breaking the Ice

Chapter Ten: Change of Plans

Chapter Eleven: Under Pressure

Chapter Twelve: Get It Together

Chapter Thirteen: Homesick Hotel

Chapter Fourteen: Falling Apart

Chapter Fifteen: Taken by Surprise

Chapter Sixteen: Stranded

Chapter Seventeen: To the Rescue

Chapter Eighteen: One Last Show

Chapter Nineteen: A Christmas Surprise

Chapter Twenty: The Road Home

See Also

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