The Tenney Grant doll.

The Tenney Grant doll was released in 2017.

Tenney Doll

There are freckles across the cheek and nose as well as one to the left side above her mouth.
  • Hair: Blonde, long curls, left-sided part, no bangs
The doll comes with one ringlet loose and the rest pulled back in a ponytail.
  • Eyes: Light Brown

Modified right hand.

The doll has a modified right hand with slightly pinched-in fingers.

Meet Outfit


Tenney doll with Tenney.


Salmon colored shirt with a tied knot in the front. Printed design with a bird saying "Sing your Story".


Washed out denim vest with four small buttons to close, two pockets with the same buttons and an embroidered detail on the left side.


Faux leather skirt.


Two-tone ankle boot.


Light pink panties with white hemming.


Charm bracelet with a music note, star, and a rhinestone.

Dress Like Your Doll

The children's outfit is available:

  • Tee: $28
  • Skirt: $38
  • Vest: $34
  • Bracelet: $16

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