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Thanks to Josefina is part of the Short Stories collections.


Story Summary

Meet The Author

Looking Back: Blankets in 1824

Discusses blankets and blanket weaving in New Mexico. Topics include:

  • How wool was collected for weaving, and how different colored dyes were created from different things.
  • The different patterns that were woven onto blankets, and the traditional designs that Navajo and Indian servants wove on their blankets.
  • The special blanket that Rosario, a Navajo servant, created for Padres Martinez after she had decided to stay with him.
  • Which kind of blankets were given to new brides as wedding gifts, and the use of blankets in common households.
  • What blankets were traded for in Mexico City, including necessities, luxuries and American goods.
  • How Americans effected New Mexican weaving, and the continuation of traditional weaving by small family companies today.

Activity: Dye a T-Shirt

Instructions on how to dye a t-shirt.

Items Associated With Thanks to Josefina

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