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The Haunted Opera is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Marie-Grace and Cécile's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Spies Backstage

Chapter Two: The Queen

Chapter Three: A Ghost from the Past

Chapter Four: An Intruder

Chapter Five: Search for a Crown

Chapter Six: Overheard

Chapter Seven: Just a Scratch

Chapter Eight: On Pins and Needles

Chapter Nine: Among the Tombs

Chapter Ten: The Secret Message

Chapter Eleven: A Dangerous Rehearsal

Chapter Twelve: Last Chance

Chapter Thirteen: Courage!

Looking Back

Discusses New Orleans' place as a leading cultural center for opera and theater in America during the 1800s. Topics covered:

  • Opera as a popular form of entertainment among the people of New Orleans in the 1850s
  • The Crown Diamonds, a French opera composed by Daniel Auber
  • The St. Charles Theatre, the largest and most extravagant theater of America at the time with two tiers of balconies, luxurious boxes along the sides, and a two-ton chandelier
  • The appeal of opera to all social classes, from the wealthiest to slaves given permission to attend
  • The reputation of New Orleans' theater companies along the East Coast
  • Foreign opera companies that toured in America and the fame of European opera singers and performers
  • Dangers and risks touring opera companies faced while traveling abroad, from transportation hazards to inclement weather and illnesses that could cancel shows and delay travel
  • Laws that forbade slaves from traveling, in addition to reading and writing, making contact difficult between slaves and free people of color
  • Methods slaves and free people of color used to keep in touch, using symbols in place of names and spoken messages

Glossary of French Terms


  1. Pg. 2: [Marie-Grace and Cécile's] teacher was Madame Océane, the kind and talented opera singer who had recently married Marie-Grace's Uncle Luc. Océane and Luc Rousseau were married in October 1853 during the events of Marie-Grace Makes a Difference.

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