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The Lady's Slipper is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Melody's books.


From the Central Series


  • Leah Roth
  • Dr. Roth

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Bell Isle

Chapter Two: Flowers and Family

Chapter Three: Friends and Fliers

Chapter Four: The Lady's Slipper Orchid

Chapter Five: Secrets for Two

Chapter Six: Prepping for the Big Day

Chapter Seven: In the Orchid Room

Chapter Eight: An Accusation

Chapter Nine: Presumed Guilty

Chapter Ten: What Will Happen to Poppa?

Chapter Eleven: The Soiree

Chapter Twelve: Hiding in Plain Sight

Chapter Thirteen: Confession

Inside Melody's World


  1. About one year ago, Val's parents had finally been able to purchase their own home in a nice neighborhood. The Porters purchased their new house in Never Stop Singing.

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