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The Light in the Cellar is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Molly's books.


From the Central Series

Only in The Light in the Cellar

Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: A Dangerous Ride

Chapter 2: Missing

Chapter 3: A Strange Welcome

Chapter 4: The Clue at the Hospital

Chapter 5: A Disappearing Act

Chapter 6: Unexpected Visitors

Chapter 7: The Key

Chapter 8: A Threat

Chapter 9: A Disturbing Discovery

Chapter 10: Spy Mission

Chapter 11: Suspected

Chapter 12: The Lookouts

Chapter 13: The Trap

Chapter 14: Caught

Looking Back

Discusses rationing in America during World War II. Topics discussed:

  • How World War II not only affected soldiers, but civilians as well
  • How factories that once produced peacetime goods suddenly converted to producing military equipment following America's decision to enter the war
  • Wartime shortages of everyday items and foodstuffs
  • The use of ration books and stamps, permitting people to obtain an allotted amount of scarce goods such as sugar, butter, and gasoline
  • The way rationing changed civilian life, making people to either do more with less or do without certain items
  • Illegal activities concurrent with rationing, ranging from buying greater numbers of rationed items than allotted on the black market to production of counterfeit ration stamps and thievery
  • How people found ways to contribute to the war effort, such as planting Victory gardens or caring for wounded soldiers
  • The role canteens played in boosting morale among American soldiers
  • The role children and teenagers played in the war effort, working as hospital volunteers or plane spotters


  1. Pg. 3: [Molly and Emily] were even given their puppies, Bennett and Yank, on the same day. The girls received their puppies on Molly's birthday in Happy Birthday, Molly!.

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