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The Runaway Friend is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kirsten's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter 1: A Guest From Sweden

Chapter 2: The Sheriff's Visit

Chapter 3: Lost Heart

Chapter 4: To the Shanty

Chapter 5: Another Missing Treasure

Chapter 6: The Newspaper

Chapter 7: A Strange Delivery

Chapter 8: Surprise in the Root Cellar

Chapter 9: Anna Provides a Clue

Chapter 10: Looking For Answers

Chapter 11: The Wolf

Chapter 12: Choices

Looking Back

Discusses the challenges immigrants and pioneers faced in the 1850s. Topics include:

  • European immigrants migrating to America for land to farm
  • Challenges settlers faced on newly started out farms, such as doing field work by hand
  • The role women played on family farms, not only doing field work during the day but housework during the night
  • The role children played on family farms
  • How settlers relied on friends and family for farm help
  • Dangers settlers faced out in the prairie, such as storms, pest invasions, and wild animals
  • Settlers' fear of wolves
  • Women and children's fear of Sioux and Ojibwa Native Americans
  • How immigrants were persuaded to move to America, such as letters from relatives or travel books
  • Immigrants' struggles with homesickness, especially among adults and the elderly, despite living near relatives and other people with the same background
  • Immigrants' beliefs in giving their children a better future in America

Glossary of Swedish Words

The book contains a glossary of the Swedish words used in the book.


  1. Pg. 1: Kirsten, her brothers, and her parents had been in Minnesota for only a few weeks[...].

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