The Silent Stranger is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Kaya's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: A Stranger with Injured Hands

Kaya is preparing her horse and her namesake and dead mentor Swan Circling's horse for the procession ending the tribes mourning for Swan Circling's passing. Kaya sees 3 figures on horses, 2 are boys she knows, but one is a woman that has clothing from both the coast and the area Kaya lives in. Her hands are badly burned. The boys say she was alone in the snow when they found her. Kautsa, Kaya's grandmother, tries to talk to her with sign language, but she does not respond. Kaya gets a bowl of food for the stranger. The stranger sees Tatlo, Kaya's dog and feeds him a piece of food before eating herself. Then, Bear Blanket, a powerful medicine women, takes the stranger away to treat her hands and the others begin the procession. Kaya listens to a speech about Swan circling after the procession and feast. Kaya notices that the stranger hardly eats. She decides to help and befriend the stranger just like Swan Circling would have done.

Chapter Two: Many Questions and a Warning

Chapter Three: Runs in Circles

Chapter Four: The Tattered Doll

Chapter Five: Danger for a Dog

Chapter Six: Little Questions and Big Questions

Chapter Seven: Night of the Spirit Dances

Chapter Eight: A Visit From a Wolf

Chapter Nine: Hawk Woman's Story

Chapter Ten: Gift From the Stick People

Chapter Eleven: Hawk Rising

Looking Back

Discusses the Nimíipuu and other native tribes in the 1760s. Topics include:

  • How close the Nimíipuu were to each other
  • How a stranger was identified as a member of a different tribe
  • The use of sign language to communicate
  • Why Indians would travel in groups, and why someone would be traveling alone
  • How a stranger's trouble spirit could bring danger to the winter Spirit Dances
  • The role of a shaman in a Nimíipuu village
  • Why the Nimíipuu took in strangers, and how they helped their new guest

Book Covers


  1. Pg 1. She was very fond of Snowbank because the mare had belonged to Kaya's friend and mentor, Swan Circling, who died last year. Swan Circling had died in Kaya's Hero, which took place in the winter of 1764.

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