The Smuggler's Secrets is a Historical Character Mystery that is part of Caroline's books.


From the Central Series


Chapter By Chapter Summary

Chapter One: Trouble on the Road

Chapter Two: Smugglers!

Chapter Three: An Argument

Chapter Four: Searching for Clues

Chapter Five: A Terrible Loss

Chapter Six: An Unexpected Discovery

Chapter Seven: Suspicions

Chapter Eight: The Deputies

Chapter Nine: Fire!

Chapter Ten: Under Arrest

Chapter Eleven: Likely Suspects

Chapter Twelve: The Quilting Bee

Chapter Thirteen: Searching for Evidence

Chapter Fourteen: Answers--and More Questions

Chapter Fifteen: Back to Pemberton Cove

Chapter Sixteen: A New Suspect

Chapter Seventeen: Home Again

Inside Caroline's World

Discusses smuggling during the War of 1812. Topics covered:

  • Relations between the United States and Upper Canada prior to the war's beginning, with trading regulations changing as tension increased between the two countries.
  • Americans being forced to only buy American-made products and to only sell their goods within the United States, due to a law passed in 1807.
  • The new trading laws being passed to prove the United States was strong and independent, and to create hardships for British colonists.
  • Hardships Americans faced because of the new trading laws, especially for farmers and shopkeepers along the border who found it easier and cheaper to trade with buyers in Upper Canada.
  • The increase in payment through smuggling once the war began, with the British willing to pay high prices for food to feed their troops.
  • Smuggling earning more income through the selling of potash, and the use of potash to make cloth and gunpowder in English factories.
  • The attempts to stop smuggling being difficult due to displeasure over the new trading laws, and the sympathy felt towards struggling farmers and the smugglers.
  • Jacob Jennings Brown, a businessman so well known for smuggling that he acquired the nickname "Potash Brown".


  1. Pg 5. [Caroline had] been able to go home for a short visit, but now Uncle Aaron and Lydia had come to fetch her again. Caroline returned to Sackets Harbor during the beginning of Traitor in the Shipyard.

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